Hammamet or Djerba: which one is better?

Two of the most popular destinations in Tunisia are Hammamet on the mainland and the island of Djerba in the south. This comparison will help you choose Hammamet or Djerba as a destination that suits you.

Culture: Hammamet or Djerba

Hammamet: Medina and Mosques

medina hammamet gate
Here we go to the medina of Hammamet.

Hammamet’s size alone makes it a place with more attractions than Djerba, where the most famous sights are spread all over the island. In addition to a Medina, i.e. an oriental old town with a fortress and mosque, Hammamet has the excavation site of Pupput and the well-known Villa Dar Sebastien with many cultural events and exhibitions. It is more urban than Djerba.

In the surrounding area, excursions are worthwhile to the capital Tunis, the artists’ village of Sidi Bou Said, the Berber village of Takrouna and the most famous archaeological site Carthago. Find out more about the sights in Hammamet in this article.

Djerba: Insights into the life of the locals

djerba djerbahood planet
Djerbahood: One of the most famous works is by Brusk from France.

To get an idea of Djerba’s traditions and culture, I suggest you visit the Djerba Explore Park. As well as a museum and traditional memorials, there are plenty of crocodiles to see. For the hustle and bustle of a Tunisian village, head to Houmt Souk. If you’ve never heard of Djerbahood, you should catch up and check out the fantastic murals. Watch a real artist at work at Dar Jilani.

Nature: Djerba vs. Hammamet

Hammamet in the green north

takrouna tunesien
Magical atmosphere in Takrouna in the Tunisian Sahel.

In the north of Tunisia, it rains more than in the south, and besides agriculture, you will also see a few small forests around Hammamet. In Sahel olive groves, fertile valleys and dune landscapes alternate. Apart from that, of course, there are kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches.

Desert island Djerba

sunset djerba
Buggy tour: pure freedom and driving fun on Djerba

The sun almost always shines on Djerba. Sunshine, the little rain and the location in the south of Tunisia ensure that the island’s interior is rather desert-like. On a racing buggy tour we took a look at the highlights and got quite dusty! On the coast, on the other hand, you can watch flamingos or discover the underwater world by diving. In contrast, the mainland in the south is ideal for desert expeditions lasting one or more days. And there it looks like you imagine the Sahara to be: Sand dunes, oases and a starry sky that will amaze you.

Hammamet or Djerba: Who has the better beaches?

Yasmine Hammamet: kilometres of sandy beach

yasmin hammamet beach tui blue oceana suites
The wide sandy beach at the TUI BLUE Oceana Suites hotel.

South of Hammamet is the Yasmine Hammamet hotel zone, directly on the fine sandy wide beach. This is very suitable for children. Even further south, you will find dunes and secluded beaches. The infrastructure of Yasmine Hammamet is very good.

Djerba’s beaches

tui blue beach blue riding beach djerba
Long sandy beaches on Djerba that invite you to go horse riding

The most famous beach for tourists is the long sandy beach along the east coast of the island. This is where most of the hotels are located. Besides kilometre-long walks (or camel rides?), there are countless opportunities for water sports: from diving to parasailing to catamaran rides, pretty much everything you can do on and under water. Insider tip for a beach on Djerba is Sidi Jmour on the west coast. No tourists, but a sacred pilgrimage site and a killer sunset!

Nightlife Hammamet vs. Djerba

Djerba is more the destination of holidaymakers seeking rest and relaxation. Most entertainment takes place in the hotel complexes. Hammamet, on the other hand, has several nightclubs. So the point of better nightlife in Hammamet or Djerba definitely goes to Hammamet.

Family holiday: Is Hammamet or Djerba better suited for a holiday with children?

Hammamet with children – splash and marvel

carthage land hammamet water slide
Hammamet sight for children and adults: the Carthage Land theme park.

Those coming to Hammamet with children have a wide choice of hotels with childcare and children’s facilities right on the fine sandy beach. Older children will love the winding medina of Hammamet, the Animal Park and the Aquapark in the surrounding area. Youngsters interested in culture will find the archaeological sites exciting. In general, Hammamet offers a lot for families in very good weather.

If you want to treat yourself and the kids to something special, book the suite with private pool at Hotel TUI BLUE Oceana Suites.

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Djerba with children – for the little ones

Crocodile Djerba Explore Park
Close to the crocodiles at Djerba Explore Park

Djerba is a bit behind Hammamet when it comes to attractions and excursions for families. The long sandy beach is good for children, although some are scared by the ever-present seaweed. The Djerba Explore Park with its crocodiles is a big hit with kids. I would recommend Djerba more for families with very young children who don’t need so much action.

Playing golf: Does Hammamet or Djerba have the better golf courses?

Hammamet has two golf courses in the immediate vicinity, the Yasmine Golf Course and Holf Citrus. Both are 18-hole golf courses. Djerba, on the other hand, has only one golf course, the Djerba Golf Club with 3 combinable 9-hole courses. At both destinations, the golf courses are in operation all year round. Djerba has the advantage that it rains less in winter than in Hammamet. The point “better golf destination” goes to Hammamet.

Djerba or Hammamet: Where is the weather better?

In Djerba, the weather is a little better and the temperatures higher than in Hammamet. For a winter holiday, the mild climate of the island is worthwhile. I recommend Hammamet for the months of April to November. With the exception of the very hot summer months, you will have an average air temperature of 20 to 31 degrees. For Djerba, you can add another one or two degrees.

It is drier and therefore sunnier on Djerba.

Djerba or Hammamet: Which destination is better?

It’s difficult to say who will win the Hammamet vs Djerba race. It depends on what you want to do on holiday and who you are travelling with. For a quiet wellness holiday, I recommend Djerba. A hotel with a spa and swim-up pool, preferably for adults only, e.g. the TUI BLUE Palm Beach Palace – the dream holiday is guaranteed.

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For families, I would recommend Hammamet because there is a lot to discover in the immediate vicinity.

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