Dachstein Crossing: Ultimate Ski Tour in the Alps

The next winter is coming, that’s for sure! At the end of the winter season 2017/2018, I did the “Dachstein Crossing” and – with an eye on the upcoming season – I’ll tell you what I experienced…

Should that be it for the ski trips this season? Definitely not! I snatch up the phone and gather some friends together, because we need to unpack the skis again for the Dachstein Crossing. The Dachstein Crossing is one of the most beautiful, classic ski tours. Perfect to end the season. A look at the weather forecast tells me that the weekend offers optimal conditions. Long story short, the group is together in no time. Dachstein, here we come.

views of the dachstein mountain range
What a view!

On the Roof of the Cable Car

We meet early in the morning and drive together from the hotel TUI BLUE Schladming to Ramsau. Once in Ramsau, it takes less than six minutes to reach the newly built Dachstein cable car, which goes directly to the Dachstein massif. As a small highlight and because the weather is just fantastic, we enjoy the ride on the roof of the gondola. Since 2016, that “convertible feeling” has been added to the panoramic gondola: in a specially secured area on the cabin, you can enjoy the incredible and breathtaking view of the Dachstein’s south face. Once at an altitude of around 2,700 metres, the anticipation of the upcoming Dachstein Crossing becomes palpable for all of us. Enthusiastically, we pack up the equipment and get going!

views of panoramic gondola dachstein
Gondola with that convertible feeling © Planai-Hochwurzen lifts

But stop, a moment please! We have to!

Before we really get started, we stop briefly in one of the beach chairs on the Dachstein, take in the view, and recharge our batteries. We soak up the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays, and then it’s time to put on the skis.

Full of energy, we head for the Seethalerhütte, which is also the meteorological station of the Dachstein. After a short climb, we behold graceful Dachstein in all its glory.

View of Dachstein massif
Works of art created by nature

Dachstein Crossing Uphill, Downhill

We go uphill, downhill – all on perfectly groomed slopes. And the view: indescribable. You can experience that feeling of carefree freedom. Generally, the view is unique today. Even the summit of Grimming in Ennstal is visible.

Ski tour Dachstein crossing
This panorama is worth every effort.

Pheeew! Despite indescribable views and the greatest motivation, the mountain air is not to be underestimated! We’re at almost 3,000 metres above sea level and the high-altitude air makes you tired quickly! The first part of the Dachstein Crossing is done, so it’s time for a little break. The thirst is serious (drinking a lot of water is essential at this altitude) and a snack strengthens both the body and mind. Just wonderful!

Ski tour Dachstein crossing break people
We need a break, and so we plop down in magical surroundings.

He Who Rests Rusts

On the second “leg” of the Dachstein Crossing, we go downhill. Every adrenaline junkie and speed demon gets their money’s worth – so much fun! Hard to believe, but true: there are still those for whom that’s not enough action. They can’t resist jumping off so many rock outcroppings.

Dachstein crossing man going downhill in a winter wonderland
The Dachstein Crossing is the most fun when going downhill, of course 😉

After a rapid descent, we stop again at the Gjaidalm. A stop-off is part of every Dachstein Crossing. After a refreshment, it means that the Dachstein Crossing is almost done. The final kilometres of slopes go downhill. Due to the good snow conditions, we can easily reach the valley on our skis.

Somewhat tired but full of wonderful memories, we finally reach Obertraun. After a short stay, we arrive – still enormously impressed – back home in the Ennstal.

Conclusion: The Dachstein Crossing is one of the greatest ski crossings in the Alps. A perfect tour for all mountain lovers, ski enthusiasts, and for those who want to fill their day with more action! For those who are not sure about skis, we recommend a snowshoe hike or a fatbike tour to explore wintry Schladming!

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