My top 8 beaches of Chalkidiki

Sunbeams kissing my face, the smell of salty water, the sound of the sea and the smallest grains of sand between my toes… this is my personal moment of happiness. Every year I look forward to a beach holiday like a little child. For me, there is simply nothing better to really relax! #beachvibes. This year I’ve been to a variety of beaches in Chalkidiki and want to share my incredible experiences with you.

Whether it’s a beach holiday or an active holiday, as a couple, as a single or with the whole family – Chalkidiki offers just the right thing for every holidaymaker. Great accommodation for couples, for example, is the TUI BLUE LAGOON PALACE in beautiful Kalives. Alternatively, you can book into the TUI BLUE LAGOON PRINCESS as a family.

A little information in advance: The Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Greece, along with the popular destinations of Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. Chalkidiki is divided into the three headlands Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, which are also called “first, second and third fingers” because of their finger-like shape. On the Chalkidiki coast, which stretches for almost 550 kilometres, you will find both flat sandy beaches and paradisiacal bays with rocky cliffs and a real Caribbean flair. The variety of landscapes is what makes Chalkidiki so special for me!

To make your holiday planning for the Greek peninsula a little easier, I have put together my Top 8 of the most beautiful beaches in Chalkidiki. Insider tips included! 🙂

8: Kriaritsi Beach – beach on Sithonia

The first beach on Chalkidiki that I would like to introduce to you is located on the peninsula of Sithonia, the “middle finger” of the Greek island, and bears the name Kriaritsi. Located in the popular coastal town of Kalamitsi, it has a flat sandy beach with Caribbean flair and is also popular with campers. There is a beach bar on Kriaritsi Beach that provides plenty of food and drink.

My personal highlight: In the morning hours, you can watch the sun rise over Mount Athos. Especially with your partner, you can enjoy this unique experience! #couplegoals.

Kriaritsi Beach Chalkidiki
Kriaritsi Beach – the turquoise paradise


7: Possidi Beach – beach on Kassandra

Possidi Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches on Chalkidiki, and not without reason. The shape of the beach is fascinating: Possidi Beach stretches for almost 3.5 kilometres over a thin spit of land far out into the sea. Since Possidi Beach is a city beach, you don’t have to pack much: Just get in your car, get on your bike and go! Once you’re there, you can stock up on enough food for a long day at the beach – don’t forget sunscreen! Water shoes are certainly not a bad idea for some, as the sand at Possidi Beach is a bit rocky. The crystal-clear water, on the other hand, invites everyone to swim – whether family, couples or singles. My tip: Sign up for a diving trip and discover the fascinating underwater world of Chalkidiki. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful end to my beach day 🙂

Possidi Beach Chalkidiki
Possidi Beach with fascinating headland


6: Lagomandra Beach – Beach on Sithonia

Another fantastic beach in Chalkidiki is located on the southwest coast of the Sithonia peninsula. It is located between two small coastal villages that are not classic tourist resorts: Tripotamos and Elia Niktis. Now you can probably already imagine what the big plus of Lagomandra beach is… 😉
There is heavenly peace and quiet, which makes the beach a very special insider tip. Especially couples and newlyweds can enjoy undisturbed time together here 😉

Many other beaches in Chalkidiki are often very crowded. Of course, there are also days like this and days like that at Lagomandra Beach, but with a bit of luck you’ll catch a day when you can really relax. I was finally able to really switch off! Sunbeds can be rented for little money and there are also restaurants and hotels in the immediate vicinity.

Lagomandra Beach Chalkidiki
Enjoying togetherness at Lagomandra Beach


5: Komitsa Beach – beach on Athos

One of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki is without a doubt Komitsa Beach, which is located on the Athos peninsula. The beach is located in the deep east of the Greek peninsula. I recommend a longer stay in the east of Chalkidiki anyway, as you can still see untouched nature and mountain landscapes here. I had already heard about Komitsa Beach before my trip to Chalkidiki and simply couldn’t miss this insider tip… And I can tell you, it’s worth it! The view of the turquoise sea, the adjacent green cliffs and the golden sandy beach is simply fantastic. In principle, a day at Komitsa beach is also suitable for families. It’s practical that you can drive very close to the beach by car, so you don’t have to lug your parasol and co. around. One thing you should definitely bear in mind, however: There are neither public toilets nor food facilities at Komitsa Beach. The beaches in eastern Chalkidiki are pure nature!

Komitsa Beach Chalkidiki
Pristine beach landscape in the east of Chalkidiki


4: Paliouri Beach – beach on Kassandra

The next beach on Chalkidiki that made it onto my list is particularly popular with families. On almost one kilometre of coastline and beach promenade, there are always small beach bars and beach clubs that provide cooling with cold drinks in summer temperatures! The coast of Paliouri Beach is flat and wide, which is ideal for children. Only after a few metres does the crystal clear water get deeper. In addition, the beach is easily accessible, which is also a plus point for many travellers. The beach can be reached from the fishing village of the same name, which is located in the very south of Chalkidiki, and the popular Kallithea can also be reached in 30 minutes. With its traditional flair of historic natural stone houses and – because of it, Paliouri Town is at least as worth seeing as Paliouri Beach. Don’t miss it! 🙂

Paliouri Beach Chalkidiki
Bathing fun with the whole family – Paliouri Beach


3: Orange Beach – beach on Sithonia

A little hidden between several bays you will find the next beach of Chalkidiki, which I would like to introduce to you. Orange Beach is also called Kavourotripes, which means “crab holes”. According to its name, Orange Beach consists of several bays lined up next to each other. Along the coast, there are always pine trees that provide natural shade. Ideal for sun breaks, which you should definitely take regularly! You can decide whether you want to settle down on the main beach or enjoy the idyll in peace and quiet in one of the small bays. For families with children, I recommend swimming on the main beach, where the sand is even 🙂

My conclusion: The entire setting is simply picturesque and really worth a visit!

Orange Beach Chalkidiki
Experience romantic sunsets on Orange Beach


2: Kriopigi Beach – beach on Kassandra

In my opinion, Kriopigi Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches on Chalkidiki. Without question! Between crystal-clear water and lush green pine trees, it’s the perfect place to relax. I especially enjoyed Kriopigi Beach in the evenings! When the sun goes down and reflects on the water, it’s really romantic – best to enjoy it with your loved ones #timetogether. Families also have a great time at this Chalkidiki beach: parents can sit back for a bit while the kids play in the shallow water – lifeguards are on hand to keep an eye on everything. I walked along the coast of Kriopigi and discovered several beautiful bays. So if you have some time in your luggage, it’s worth a walk and you’re sure to find your perfect stretch of beach!

Kriopigi Beach Chalkidiki
Switch off and dream in Kriopigi


1: Sarti Beach – Beach on Sithonia

Coast as far as the eye can see: The next beach in Chalkidiki I want to tell you about is in Sarti on the Sithonia peninsula. The long coastline has a beach promenade where you can mingle with people and enjoy a scoop of ice cream. On the other hand, Sarti also offers numerous opportunities for a relaxing holiday. Along the coast you will find smaller, unique bays where you can enjoy your peace and quiet. Here, Greece shows its best side: crystal blue water, lush greenery and exciting rocky landscapes make a day at Sarti Beach unforgettable. Lying here on your beach mat, you could almost think you were in the Caribbean 😉

Sarti Beach is my absolute highlight and my personal number one among the top beaches of Chalkidiki! Depending on where your head is at, you can either retreat to one of the bays or mingle with the people on the beach promenade. What more do you want? 🙂

Sarti Beach Chalkidiki
Caribbean flair in Sarti


Discover beautiful beaches in Chalkidiki with TUI BLUE

I’ve told you my top beaches in Chalkidiki and now it’s your turn!

Make up your own mind about Chalkidiki and find your favourite spots. To make your holiday as enjoyable as possible, the BLUE Guides will help you plan your trip. The best way to experience the wonderful diversity of the Greek peninsula is to rent a car. With TUI BLUE, you have a reliable partner at your side and can explore the island carefree. I can’t wait to hear how you like the beaches in Chalkidiki 😉

Would you like to know which other Greek islands are worth visiting besides Chalkidiki? Then read my article on the most beautiful Greek islands.

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