Vacation on the sunny island Sal

Wonderful warmth, miles of beaches and an impressive desert landscape: the small Cape Verdean island of Sal combines everything you need for a dream vacation with a touch of adventure.
About six hours by plane from Germany, sun worshipers will find themselves in a small bathing paradise with white sandy beaches, volcanic landscapes, turquoise-blue sea, high waves and a year-round pleasant climate. Caribbean flair near Africa!

colorful houses cities cities island Sal cape verde islands tui blue
Sal is colourful!

The island of Sal is only 30 km long and therefore ideal for interesting short trips to cities with colorful houses or for relaxing days on idyllic beaches. To bring this little paradise a little bit closer to you, I have written down my highlights of the island Sal!

Dream beaches on the island of Sal

The TUI BLUE Cabo Verde is located directly on the 5 km long, fine sandy beach with its own hotel section. Three footbridges shield an area of the beach from the partly violent waves. So you can cool down and admire the underwater world in the crystal clear water.
I recommend you to ask for snorkeling equipment at the hotel or bring it directly from home!

fishermen atlantic island sal cape verde islands cape verde tui blue
Fishing is part of everyday life on Sal

About 3,4 km away from TUI BLUE Cabo Verde you will find the lively and colorful fishing village Santa Maria. The place alone is worth a visit. Small colorful houses in colonial style as a contrast to the rugged desert landscape, cozy restaurants, good-humored locals and cute souvenir stores.

Due to the constant and strong trade wind, the Cape Verdean island of Sal is one of the most popular kite surfing spots in the world. Especially from November to June kite surfers and surfers get their money’s worth. Nearby from Santa Maria is my personal dream beach of Sal – the Ponta Sino Kite Surf Beach! At the 8 km long Ponta Sino you can watch the pros surfing all day long or try it yourself. Nowhere else do you have better conditions!

surfing on island Sal atlantic cape verde islands cape verde tui blue
The island of Sal offers many fantastic surf spots

At Shark Bay, about 22.8 km from the TUI BLUE Hotel, you can experience lemon sharks in the wild. Often the young ones dare to go to the beach. Even if the small sharks are not aggressive, you should observe them – like all wild animals – from a safe distance. On the beach I also recommend water shoes, because there are many sharp stones in the water and you could easily injure yourself.

Sun and sea – what could be better?

The word Sal translates as salt – this suggests the history of Sal. On the island of Sal, salt was once mined generally and exported all over the world. Today you can even swim in the Pedra de Lume, a natural salt lake in a huge crater. This is something you should not miss! Because of the high salt concentration you can even float on the surface of the water like in the Dead Sea.

Pedra de Lume on island salt salt mining cape verdean islands cape verde tui blue
Pedra de Lume on the island of Sal

The Pedra de Lume is about 22,6km away from TUI BLUE Cabo Verde and is therefore located at the other end of the island. For such trips you can rent a car – check out our car rental tips!

From the salt lake Pedra de Lume I visited another highlight of the island: Buracona with its Olho Azul, the “blue eye”. The natural sea pool Buracona is certainly the most visited attraction on Sal and is located in a small bay in the northwest of the island.
The gigantic blue eye appears when the sun’s rays hit the water surface at the right angle through a deep shaft in the rock – simply breathtaking!

Buracona Olho Azul blue eye island sal cape verde islands cape verde tui blue
Buracona with his Olho Azul

From the Buracona you can swim along the rocks to a natural lava basin – be careful here! In case of strong swell I even advise against it.
Many people, including myself, don’t really have the Cape Verdean island of Sal on their screens. But the island reveals itself as a versatile vacation paradise!
Just switch off at the beach, plunge into the meter-high waves, get to know the culture or discover the rugged desert landscape – you will certainly not be bored on Sal.
Visit this beautiful island and put it on your bucket list! And let us spoil you at TUI BLUE Cabo Verde!
See you at Playa ?


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