Torchlight hike at lake Pillersee in Tyrol: Not to be missed

Is there ever a time when you’re too old to walk along the shore of a lake with a torch in your hand? Or can you just be a kid again and do something like that? On our holiday at the hotel TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn in Tyrol, we asked ourselves exactly these questions after discovering the “romantic torchlight hike at Pillersee” in the BLUE app.

Is the torchlight hike at lake Pillersee only for children?

One thing first: no, you’re never too old to take part in a torchlight hike. And yes, you can be a child again and be happy when Hubsi Bubsi, the big green plush figure, spontaneously invites you to dance. After all, Hubsi Bubsi not only has fans among the children who are only too happy to take part in the torchlight hike from St. Ulrich along the shores of Lake Pillersee. Hubsi is also popular with the older torchbearers – those who like to become children again on such occasions.

When does the torchlight walk on Lake Pillersee take place?

For 20 years now, Hubsi, Irene and Axel have been going on every Thursday at 7 pm from mid-December to the beginning of April as part of the Winter Pleasure Moments tour. The torchlight hike, as you can also find out under the “Events” button on the BLUE App at the TUI BLUE in Fieberbrunn, is offered by the Tourism Association Kitzbüheler Alpen, Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob im Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring.

What can I expect on the torchlight hike at lake Pillersee?

hiking with torches in hand
Simply cool to trudge through the snow at night with the torches!


The hiking guides don’t just go with torches in hand, but with a programme full of surprises, where not only the children have fun. It may well happen that the guides can tell by looking at the tip of a participant’s nose that he might be able to cook (or better: fry). Which of course has to be proven, because he (or she) quickly has a pan in his or her hand, in which he (or she) has to prepare the egg dish at the campfire at Seestüberl on Lake Pillersee.

fackelwanderung am pillersee essen

Of course, it is also possible that there will be an egg roast, games, one or the other dance, a fortifying soup and many small and big surprises. After all, there is time, the torchlight walk with its programme lasts two hours.

blazing fire torch hike fieberbrunn grillen feuerkorb fackelwanderung mug with fire torchwanderung

The return journey is by torchlight, but if you wish, Tabsi, Irene or Axel will organise the return journey to Ortisei.

gruppe bei fackelwanderung
Good mood at the torchlight hike

Where can I book the torchlight hike at lake Pillersee?

Information is of course available at the TUI BLUE Fieberbrunn hotel, in the BLUE App, which guests can install on their smartphone or iPhone free of charge. Registration is also possible at and at the tourist information offices until 12 noon on Thursdays. The torchlight hike starts at the indoor swimming pool / TVB office in St. Ulrich am Pillersee. The torchlight hike at Pillersee costs 8 euros per person with a guest card.

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