Swim-Up Suites in the TUI BLUE Jadran: Simply Swim

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17 Feb Swim-Up Suites in the TUI BLUE Jadran: Simply Swim

Are you one of those people who gets up at the crack of dawn to swim laps at the nearest pool before starting your day?  Do you ever wake up in the middle of a sweltering summer night and think, “If only I could jump in a lake right now”? Where’s a personal pool when you need one? I’ll tell you where: in the swim-up suites at the TUI BLUE Jadran in Croatia, which will open on July 1st, 2017 – perfect for swimmers and merpeople alike.

View from inside the room to swim-up suites

View from inside the room to swim-up suites

A Day in the Swim-Up Suites: Pure Luxury

Admittedly, the glittering, turquoise Adriatic Sea in Tučepi makes a compelling argument for leaving the pool and spending the day at the beach. On the other hand, the advantages of the swim-up suite are obvious. Here, I’m in my own kingdom; I can do whatever I want while enjoying more privacy and quiet than I can get on the beach. I don’t even need to worry about finding a place on the pool deck – I already have two lounge chairs on my terrace where I can kick back comfortably with a cocktail in my hand. Gone are the days when I would get to the pool and immediately have to to run back to my room because I forgot my sunglasses. In a matter of seconds, and with two large steps, I can go from the swim-up pool to my room and back. What a luxury!


The TUI BLUE Jadran hotel in Croatia

Because the swim-up suites are on the front side of the hotel with views of the sea, I can also get plenty of sunshine there. As someone blessed by nature with an exceptionally pale skin tone, I certainly appreciate the ability to fall back to the protective shade of the terrace. I also quite enjoy being surrounded by the cool masonry with elegant arches around the swim-up pool and the individual columns encircled by small, green planters. The view is promising. In front of me is a beautifully landscaped green area with palm trees and flowering bushes; a bittersweet scent blows over from the pine grove on the left and I can even see the ocean from here, the sound of which makes me feel very close.

The anticipation is building – in July, it’s time!

What excites me the most are the swim-up suites – they’re so practical. As I said earlier, I’m one of those people who want nothing more than a small refreshment in the pool on a warm summer night. If I can do this on holiday in the Croatian Adriatic while watching the starry sky, all the better! Even during the day, the private swim-up pool makes for a good change of pace from the many activities and excursions that are possible around Tučepi. I’m already looking forward to visiting the TUI BLUE Jadran in July – and you know which suite I’ll be staying in (;

View on the pool with swim-up suites

View on the pool with swim-up suites

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